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WordPress Training 2

Behind the scenes

What you see depends on your role (access level) – out of the box user roles

  1. Not logged in
  2. Subscriber
  3. Contributor
  4. Author
  5. Editor
  6. Administrator

What follows assumes you are logged on at least as a contributor (i.e. with some write access)

The WordPress Dashboard (Key parts)

WordPress was historically a tool for creating online blogs, so it is built around posts, with categorisation, tagging and comments

WordPress is extendable using plugins, typically plugins will extend what you can see on the dashboard. Anything that is not an extension is WordPress Core. This site has been extended.

Core Elements

  • Posts
  • Events
  • Media (Library)
  • Pages
  • Appearance (Themes)
  • Users
  • Plugins (empty in a pure core system)
  • Tools
  • Settings

u3a Plugins

  • U3a Groups
  • U3a Contacts
  • U3a Notices
  • U3a Settings
  • U3a Import Export


Very important when dealing with a lot of data for example media & groups

The Block Editor

This is where you will spend most of your time!