Exmouth & District


Welcome to the Exmouth & District u3a Transport Group. For our first two years we were called the Classic Transport Group, but in order to appeal to a wider audience we dropped the Classic from out title and now have a broader range of events and outings. We plan to have at least one event per quarter that will appeal to those of you who are more interested in Railways. We hope also to seek events that will have a mechanical bias and so perhaps appeal to those of you within the former Technology Group. We have 18 members with a regular attendance of 10 to 12.

Talks etc. are currently held at the Group Organiser’s home whenever possible, or at the home of another group member. Visits will take place on Friday or over the weekend depending upon the type of event/venue to be visited.

Status:Active, open to new members
When: on Fridays
First Friday or each month at 2.00 pm, with outings in the summer
Venue: Venue varies (Please contact the Group Organiser)
Cost: Varies