Exmouth & District

Jam Band

Our aim is to give players at all levels the opportunity to perform songs with, and for, each other. ‘Songs’ refers to instrumentals as well as those with vocals.

Group members can nominate songs in any style they’d like to play in advance. Then we’ll try to fill sufficient roles to play those songs for the group. Alternatively, group members might choose to team up in advance to play songs for the group. The line-ups might vary from a solo performer, duo, trio, and up to full bands with vocals, drums, bass guitar, keyboards and brass etc.

There is the opportunity for members to choose a role that might vary from vocals, a simple ‘play along’ role, a rhythm backing role and up to taking a leading role with solos and improvising. This is to allow players with a wide range of abilities to participate.

The Jam Band can also function as a way of bringing together musicians with similar interests who wish to play together.

The aim is to have fun performing music together, and to share knowledge in a constructive supportive environment.

Sometimes great music will be created, and sometimes things will go wrong, which will all add to fun.

Status:Active, open to new members