Exmouth & District

Getting connected

Getting started: There is usually a quick set-up leaflet supplied with your computer or device which will explain how you can connect to the internet. If you haven’t been given one, your instruction manual will explain how to do this (see section below). Whilst you can connect to the internet using wi-fi in a public place, this may not always be secure. If you have a mobile phone with a reasonable amount of data within your contract, you may find this wi-fi connection sufficient and you can also use your phone data connection to provide a data connection on your other devices (this is known as ‘tethering’). But the best solution is probably to have your own broadband router or hub for wi-fi broadband connection at home.

Broadband provider: Selecting which broadband provider to have at home and what sort of contract to have is a very subjective matter. If you have Sky or Virgin Media or a mobile phone contract you may be able to get a home broadband service from them. Otherwise the service is likely to be via a telephone cable to your home, possibly enhanced by superfast fibre (or whatever terms your broadband supplier may use). To choose, factors will depend on your budget, how much data you are likely to want use (most suppliers now offer unlimited data), speed of connection and local factors. Personal recommendation is probably best (check out with family, friends or neighbours). Or there is plenty of advice on websites (although you will need a connection first – or use the free facilities in the library), for example https://www.uswitch.com/broadband/providers or https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/broadband-deals/article/best-broadband-providers (if you have a subscription to Which).