Exmouth & District

Weekly Zoom Coffee & Chat – and live streaming

All members of Exmouth & District u3a are VERY welcome to join us on Thursday mornings for our Zoom Coffee & Chat sessions. Sometimes this includes live streaming. They are very friendly, informal sessions held every Thursday morning. They start at 10.30, but we suggest everyone logs in from 10.15.

There is no limit to the number of members, so you can always join in using your smartphone, iPad/tablet or computer. Coffee & Chat sessions (C&C’s) last for about an hour but you can always leave a meeting if you have to be somewhere or do something else. It’s very free and easy but don’t take our word for it, sound out our members you may know. You don’t have to attend each C&C either. Some of our C&C members have told us it is a unique opportunity for those who are pretty much housebound.

Once connected, and you have the Zoom App (or computer program) installed, it’s easy too. It doesn’t require lots of technical knowledge but advice about getting started is available if wanted.

You may have something you would like to ask about or share, examples being u3a activities you have participated in as a group member, films, TV or Radio programmes seen or any topic which might be of interest to others. A weekly coffee & chat (C&C) is a very good opportunity for a ‘newsy’ item, make friends, get to recognise and know members’ names, share a few photos, tell short stories (real and imagined), share art and craft work or just enjoy a Thursday morning by listening and, when you want, yourself adding to all the “Chattering”. It can be a great opportunity to discuss local events or matters of concern or interest.

In addition, from time-to-time we experiment with some live ‘outside broadcasts’ from other places just for interest and for fun! Examples being members sharing their Smartphone’s Zoom link from train journeys, holidays in England, even a holiday walkabout of sights in a medieval town in France. Yes, the C&C can be surprising and unexpected, thoroughly enjoyable and include all manner of sharing!

So why not make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and join us; you will be most welcome. The Zoom login (connecting) details always remain the same. However, a reminder email of these details is normally sent to members the day before who are on our email circulation list. Also, a follow up Summary email is sent including any useful internet links or contact details etc., arising during a C&C.

If you would like to join our C&C Group so that we can introduce you to the other members, and most importantly give you the Zoom link or want to receive a reminder email about this the day before, please use the email address shown in the current edition of the members’ newsletter to contact Ian or Bryan, or send a message to ‘Other Enquiries’ via the Contact us menu above

If the speakers at our monthly meetings in the Exmouth Pavilion are willing for their talks to be streamed live to members at home and if the technology permits, we aim to stream these talks live at the same time as our regular C&C sessions.

If in doubt, just give your Coffee and Chat Group a taster-try. We think you will like the taste of our online chat. As for the brew of coffee or tea (or drinking chocolate) well, you already have that choice sorted!

Ian McLauchlin & Bryan Webb, Joint Group Organisers