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Website Developers

The website developers group is a group which is learning about WordPress and other internet technologies and applying this knowledge to support the development of the Exmouth & District u3a online presence.

Status:Active, open to new members
When: Fortnightly
Meetings are arranged on an ad-hoc basis
Venue: Member’s Home

Web Developers’ Meetings

Web Developers’ News

  • WordPress Training 5

    There has been a lot said about the importance of categories in the first couple of meetings, but the terminology hasn’t been explained in any depth. Following a question I asked on the developers’ forum one of the participants helpfully pointed me at a website page which explains the concepts with some examples The difference…

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  • WordPress Training 4

    Media Library Add a new media file button Puts up a dialogue to drag or select a file Folders Pane This is the result of a plugin to add folders, this helps organise the media when there is a lot of it. When you load new media it appears in the “Uncategorised” folder, if you…

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  • WordPress Training 3

    The Block Editor Screen Areas Top menu bar Central Editing Area Contains the blocks that make up a page text can be edited directly here Floating toolbar Shows when a block is selected contains List View (left pane when document outline toggled) Very useful for navigating and editing longer pages, contains a nested list of…

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