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Group Category: Board Games & Quizzes

  • Mahjong Beginners

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  • Mahjong British Rules 1

    This group started in September 2013 and now has nearly 30 members. Some have played before, often many years ago, while others have started as beginners. The game is usually played in groups of 4 with each player scoring separately. The basic rules are relatively easy to learn so it is possible to start playing… Read more

  • Bolivia Card Game

    Samba and Bolivia are both card games and extensions of Canasta. As such we ask that people who join this group are familiar with playing Canasta first. Samba includes sequences of 7 cards as well and Bolivia also includes wild canastas i.e. using just wild cards. This makes for a more interesting and challenging game.… Read more

  • Mahjong Chinese Rules

    Learn and play Mahjong. Read more

  • Card and Board games

    Come and play some card and board games. You can play any game you like or I can teach you how to play them. Scrabble, dominos, bezique, gin rummy, bridge, rummikub, canasta and its variations samba and bolivia, skipbo, uno, etc. and any other game you might like to bring with you. We meet weekly… Read more

  • Quizzes

    The Quiz Group reformed post-Covid with a different venue but with a very similar format to previously. There’s no need to join as part of a ready-made team as teams (4 people max) are formed on the day with all those not participating as a 4. Quite a few members just come on their own.… Read more

  • Canasta

    Canasta is a game of the rummy family and can be played with two, three or four people. Four people or more can play with partners, fewer people will play individually. Initially this is for those who already know how to play but we hope to teach at some point. Meetings are held at The… Read more