Exmouth & District

Eden Project Trip

Event type: Outing
Date: 16 September 2024
Booking: Note that booking is required.

Our trip is designed for you to explore all things about the Eden project. This environmental project was set up in 2001 and consists of two large indoor covered biomes and gardens of roughly 30 acres . Our trip aims to arrive at around 11 am and we will be picked up at 4 pm. Plenty of time to explore biomes and garden. Each of the two biome features a different part of the world, the Mediterranean and the Rainforest. There are regular free talks during the day that members can join, or just enjoy the exploration and self-discovery.

You are free to bring your own packed lunch, but there are plenty of catering outlets on site. The Eden project prides itself in responsible sourced fresh made food. Please bring your own reusable cup as they no longer offer single use cups for takeaway drinks.