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  • WordPress Training 5

    There has been a lot said about the importance of categories in the first couple of meetings, but the terminology hasn’t been explained in any depth. Following a question I asked on the developers’ forum one of the participants helpfully pointed me at a website page which explains the concepts with some examples The difference… Read more

  • WordPress Training 4

    Media Library Add a new media file button Puts up a dialogue to drag or select a file Folders Pane This is the result of a plugin to add folders, this helps organise the media when there is a lot of it. When you load new media it appears in the “Uncategorised” folder, if you… Read more

  • WordPress Training 3

    The Block Editor Screen Areas Top menu bar Central Editing Area Contains the blocks that make up a page text can be edited directly here Floating toolbar Shows when a block is selected contains List View (left pane when document outline toggled) Very useful for navigating and editing longer pages, contains a nested list of… Read more

  • WordPress Training 2

    Behind the scenes What you see depends on your role (access level) – out of the box user roles What follows assumes you are logged on at least as a contributor (i.e. with some write access) The WordPress Dashboard (Key parts) WordPress was historically a tool for creating online blogs, so it is built around… Read more

  • WordPress Training 1

    What the user sees Via the device is being used On the Website being viewed – training.exmouthu3a.online Overall appearance of the website Parts of the web page being viewed Read more

  • Meeting held

    Normal agenda followed, everybody has done their actions Read more

  • Website registration & login

    A new facility has been added to allow a website user to register and request a login. An administrator can then approve (or deny) the new login request and send credentials to the user. This facility is a perquisite of the website holding information that is available to members who register as a user. Read more

  • Upgrade to WordPress 6.4

    WordPress 6.4 was released today, information about it can be found here Learn more about WordPress 6.4 Check out the new WordPress 6.4 page to learn more about the numerous enhancements and features of this release. Read more

  • Demonstration system

    Work is progressing on a demonstration system, All basic functionality has been added, and the site is up to date with u3a material and groups. The demonstration will be available to a limited audience shortly. Read more