Exmouth & District

2024/5 local Pickleball festivals

We have 7 pickleball friendly festivals to look forward to this year. Last year we had 5 and now we have Honiton Pickleball and Torquay Tennis Club.

THE FESTIVAL MONTHS (and date if known)


EXMOUTH U3A                                 =        SUNDAY 20TH OCTOBER          TORQUAY TENNIS CLUB

DARTMOUTH                                    =           ?   NOVEMBER        DARTMOUTH LED

TEIGNBRIDGE                                  =           ?   JANUARY                        ?

HONITON                                          =           ?   FEBRUARY                      ?

TORQUAY                                         =            ?   MARCH                 TORQUAY TENNIS CLUB

EXETER                                            =             ?   APRIL                               ?

Bob N will be asking you if your interested in participating in these festivals and then doing a draw for the players that want to play.

At these 7 festivals we can only enter a team of 6 players and he will be inviting 2 players from each group. He intends to give everyone a chance to play so if you do get to play in a festival, you will be passed over for the next until all those who want to play have had a chance. This means 14 players from each group will have an opportunity to play.

There will be a charge of £10 per player. Our festival will be held at Torquay Tennis Club, a fantastic venue.